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Across the country and across the state, places like Dunedin, Winter Garden and Inverness, enjoy extensive, connected multi-modal pathways, but shockingly, Naples does not. The Gordon River Greenway and the Rich King Memorial Greenway are heavily used and very popular with residents and visitors to the area, but they are 4-miles in length or less and are not connected to other safe pathways. The project provides a safe network of multi-modal pathways, making Southwest Florida safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Naples Pathways Coalition is thrilled to announce the Paradise Coast Trail. We envision this to be a premier 70+ mile trail built exclusively for safe and enjoyable walking, running and biking.

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The Paradise Coast Trail will connect Naples, Ave Maria, Immokalee and other areas within and beyond Collier County. It will expand transportation options, improve health and wellness, reduce our carbon footprint and provide a destination to experience the Paradise Coast's unique beauty. It will drive quality of life and healthier lifestyles, yield economic benefits to the county, increases property values, and enable greater safety for recreational and commuter bicyclists.

We have partnered with Rails to Trails Conservancy and hired consulting firm Kimley-Horn to help us bring this vision to reality. This past Friday, the Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization voted in support of a resolution endorsing the project. The next big step is the feasibility study, and fundraising has already begun!

NPC plans to fast-track the trail's development and not wait on the typical improvement project time frame. If we can raise the funds needed for the feasibility study, we will be in a position to shave five years or more from the process! We invite you donate today so we can all be walking, running and biking on the Paradise Coast Trail!

Check out the great press the Paradise Coast Trail has been receiving:

We are grateful to those who have provided the financial foundation for the Paradise Coast Trail. We acknowledge our wonderful supporters, those who are helping NPC accomplish our goal of making the Paradise Coast Trail a safe, enjoyable multi-use trail that Collier County residents will enjoy for decades to come:

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Founders Contributors

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Platinum Contributors

Norbert Frischkorn Patrick Neal
Richard Housh Whitney Ward
Craig Manchen
Rick Lipman

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Gold Contributors

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Silver Contributors

Roland & Kimberly Odenwald Fred James
Suzzanne Sensabaugh Frazier Gardella
Dave Darrah Frank Kistler
Teddy Wallingford Donald Miller
Fred Rice Patricia Huff
Jim Gula Jennifer Galloway
Mark Slack Daniel Dungan
John Henry Jill Gordon
Richard Napier Donald Brody
Michael Petrocelli Donald Sicks
John & Valerie Klosterman Peter Bloom
Susan Sonnenschein Jim Shomake
Eric Fayard Timothy McNamara
   James Sykora
   Daniel Dungan

Donations over $100 and up to $500 will be matched and will receive a free annual membership. Your generous donation will allow the NPC to fast track the development of the Paradise Coast Trail and continue our mission to advocate for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in Collier county.

Donate to help build the PCT!

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