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Across the country and across the state, places like Dunedin, Winter Garden and Inverness, enjoy extensive, connected multi-modal pathways, but shockingly, Naples does not. The Gordon River Greenway and the Rich King Memorial Greenway are heavily used and very popular with residents and visitors to the area, but they are 4-miles in length or less and are not connected to other safe pathways. The project provides a safe network of multi-modal pathways, making Southwest Florida safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Naples Pathways Coalition is thrilled to announce the Paradise Coast Trail. We envision this to be a premier 70+ mile trail built exclusively for safe and enjoyable walking, running and biking.


The Paradise Coast Trail will connect Naples, Ave Maria, Immokalee and other areas within and beyond Collier County. It will expand transportation options, improve health and wellness, reduce our carbon footprint and provide a destination to experience the Paradise Coast's unique beauty. It will drive quality of life and healthier lifestyles, yield economic benefits to the county, increases property values, and enable greater safety for walkers, runners, recreational and commuter bicyclists.

The first segment we are working on is the connection of the Gordon River Greenway (4 miles) and the Rich King Memorial Greenway (3 miles). This will be an important first phase.

We have partnered with Rails to Trails Conservancy and hired consulting firm Kimley-Horn to help us bring this vision to reality. Rails to Trails even selected the Paradise Coast Trail as a Priority Trail. Click here to see their endorsement of the project and read the case study.

The Collier County Metropolitan Planning Organization adopted a resolution endorsing the project. The next big step is the feasibility study, and fundraising has already begun!

NPC plans to fast-track the trail's development and not wait on the typical improvement project time frame. If we can raise the funds needed for the feasibility study, we will be in a position to shave five years or more from the process! We invite you donate today so we can all be walking, running and biking on the Paradise Coast Trail!

Check out the great press the Paradise Coast Trail has been receiving:

NPC would like to acknowledge all of our wonderful donors that are helping us to create, safe, bikeable, walkable communities in Collier County and supporting the efforts for us to fast track the 70+ mile Paradise Coast Trail!


                           Founders Contributors
Norbert Frischkorn
Richard Housh
Craig Manchen
Rick Lipman
Rick Fernandes
Eijk Van Otterloo
Jeff Diermeier
James Todd
Whitney Ward
Jim Gula
Gold Contributors 

Roland & Kimberly Odenwald
Suzzanne Sensabaugh
Dave Darrah
Teddy Wallingford
Fred Rice
Christina Kabbash
Jim Kuczinski
John Henry
Richard Napier
Michael Petrocelli
John & Valerie Klosterman
Susan Sonnenschein
Eric Fayard
Suzanne Sensabaugh
Dave Darrah
Richard Napier
Michael Petrocelli
John & Valerie Klosterman
Marty Adams
Chris Lissner
Maureen Bonness
Merril and Chris Noble
William Ale
David A Corban
Doug Boynton
Tom Rollins
Andrea Foisy
Anita Wright
Valerie & John Klosterman
Pete Burke
Kenneth Ransby
Susaan Sonnenschein
Eric Fayard
Mark Slack/Cathy Faerber
Timothy McNamara
John Henry
Salvatore Marici
Donald Rupprecht
Lorraine Schapiro
Jurate Blaziunaite
Rand Franklin


Michelle Avola
Kathy Urban
Peter Bloom
James Sykora
Vince Siciliano
Steve Gunther
Ellen C Croibier
August & Jane Buenz
Diane & Michael Fleisher
John F Healy
Maier Goldberg
Louis Erickson
Paul Dyon
Pieter Van Dien
Cynthia M Dreyfus
Gregory Guliani
Reem Jishi
Daniel Dungan
James Sykora
Peter Bloom
Von Laudermilch
Teddy Wallingford
Kathy Urban
Laura Dumouchel
Candis Powell
Tamika Seaton

Platinum Contributors    

Patrick Neale
Jean Heuschen
Jeffery Lofgren
Todd &Vicki McGregor 
Cathy Faerber/ Mark Slack
Lowe II Foundation

Robert Vigorito

Silver Contributors 
Andrew Blazar
Nat Smith
Joanne Leary
Liz Feit
Norman Thompson
Doug Boynton
Ric Christian
Victor Buzz
Dominic Salomone
Barbara Glicken
Art Mattson
Betty Wilson
Barbara Williams
Lana Kupferschmid
Lee Woodward
Don Pouliot
Andrew Blazar
Nat Smith
James Kaylor
Larry Smith
John and Joanne Flaherty
Dolores Schoenick 
Rebecca Meath
Patricia Bruneel
Bill Quincy
Timothy McNamara
Patricia Bruneel
Bill Quincy
Susaan Sonnenschein
Frazier Gardella
Janet Kielce
Ellen Elleman
Jody Angevin
Jake McGarry
Syd Horsfield
Martha Gould
Gretchen Sherman
Barbara Williams
Ruth Andrea
Mike and Linda Kane
Naples East Cycling Group
Ralph Macniven
Tamika Seaton
Paul Faganel
Stephen Maus
Edward Able
Melvyn Zahn
L. Harrison Bernbaum
Bikes For Tykes
Mark Dillon
William Bolinder
Delores Schoeneck Trust
Ted Blankenship
Harvey Cohenf
Sundi Faith
Jody Angevin
Mark Marzano
Mitch Bryars
Lee Woodward
Milan DiPierro
Donald Sicks
Jim Shumake
Jennifer Galloway
Jill Gordon
Don Brody
Peter Bloom
Lorraine Schapiro
Bonita Bay Bike Club harrington
Helen and Arnold Mintz
David MacDonald
Paul A Benzing
Patricia Greiner
Christopher J. Seffen
Richard & Carol Clapp
Mike and Dianne Shanley
Michelle Avola

Your generous donation will further NPC  goals to fast track the development of the

Paradise Coast Trail while continuing our mission to advocate for the safety of

pedestrians and cyclist in Collier County.


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