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Our goal is to create safe, bikeable, walkable communities in Collier County. Your membership helps increase our political impact, gives voice to the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians, and supports our educational programs and advocacy campaigns.

Naples Pathways Coalition is advancing the needs of people like you by:

  • Advocating on your behalf at the local, state, and national level to ensure that bicyclists and pedestrians are considered in transportation policy and planning
  • Raising awareness of bike/ped safety needs in the community and with elected officials and law enforcement
  • Offering programs that educate motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians about bike/ped safety, with special programming for children
  • Partnering with law enforcement agencies to ensure officers are aware of traffic laws regarding bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Fostering understanding of the positive effects of Complete Streets planning in terms of safety, healthy living, and economic development.

As a Naples Pathways Coalition member you are affirming your support for safe, bikeable, walkable communities, and you can take credit for helping to change Collier County for the better.  On top of that you get:

  • Members discount on event registration
  • Invitation to members-only events
  • Special discount to NCH Wellness Centers (email for details.)


NPC members are the lifeblood of the organization and those who join at the Advocacy Partner, Patron, or Angel levels, the 100+Club, are its heart. If you believe in our mission to create safe, bikeable, walkable communities in Collier County, please consider joining these passionate individuals in the 100+ Club levels.

  • Bill Ale
  • Richard Breithaupt
  • Donald Brody
  • Ian Bunnett
  • Manfred Bay
  • Michael Bryars
  • John Coffey
  • Jeffrey Diermeier
  • Jim  & Tina Gula
  • Ron Gruner
  • Jean Heuschen
  • Joseph LaBella
  • Stan Lipp
  • David MacDonald
  • Yochi Melnick
  • Bob Melucci
  • Patrick Neale
  • Roland & Kim Odenwald
  • Sean Nolan
  • Kenneth Ransby
  • Alan Ryker
  • William Sciortino
  • Susan Sonnenschein
  • Donald Steadman
  • Southwest Florida Land Preservation Trust, Inc.
  • Bob Vigorito
  • Mary Ann Wallace
  • Alan Ziskin


NPC's Lifetime members are a group unto themselves - committed to our mission and willing to offer a lifetime of financial support to sustain the work of the organization.  This membership category was established in the Spring of 2016.  At that time the NPC Board also elected create an Honorary Lifetime Membership to recognize individuals who make exemplary contributions over the years as donors, volunteers, and advocates.

  • Theresa Bonness, Honorary
  • Jack Cumming
  • Norbert Frischkorn
  • Rich and Jenny Housh
  • Chuck and Tish Kelly
  • Craig and Donna Manchen
  • Jim and Susan Todd
  • Whitney Ward
  • Mark Wilson
  • Don and Sandy Brody
  • Mitchell Bryars
  • Anita Wright
  • Michael Cottle
  • Bruce Cunningham
  • Brian Denney
  • Matt Doyle
  • Cathy Faerber
  • Jim and Sundi Shene
  • Rick Ferndandes
  • Jeri Goetz
  • Henry Halle
  • Jim Hudson
  • Doug and Karen Newman
  • Fred Rice
  • Jim Rozzi
  • Dan Rudrud
  • Yasmin Saad
  • Lorraine Schapiro
  • Dawn and Mike Silverman
  • Mark Slack
  • Nat Smith
  • Susan Sonnenschein
  • Andrew Stephens
  • Ian Thompson
  • Douglas Tollett
  • Mark Trudeau
  • Robert and Sharon Vigorito
  • Mary Ann Wallace
  • Rob Zavada
  • Scott and Michelle Avola-Brown
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