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Gulf Shore Blvd Restoration
City of Naples Resident 

If you believe that sidewalks and bike lanes keep cyclists and pedestrians safe, please join us by contacting Naples City Council and Mayor.  

Read more about the restoration below.

To contact all City Council Members and the City Manager:

Mayor Teresa Heitmann: 239-213-1000

Vice Mayor Terry Hutchison: 239-213-1005

Ted Blankenship: 239-213-1027 

Raymond Christman: 239-213-1035

Michael McCabe: 239-213-1011

Paul Perry: 239-213-1009

Gary Price: 239-213-1004

Naples City Hall
735 8th Street South
Naples, FL 34102

The City of Naples storm water outfall project recently began. The state of Florida has mandated this work be completed to improve the water quality draining into the Gulf of Mexico, which costs Naples tax payers millions of dollars. Failure to comply will result beach re-nourishment permits being denied. The project will require the removal and replacement of the entire roadway between 8th Ave N and 2nd Ave S. on Gulf Shore Boulevard (GSB) south of the Naples Beach Hotel. The project will limit construction areas to segments of two blocks and will require utilizing a significant area within of the 60 foot public right of way for road bed fill and equipment.  

City Council directed staff last June to move forward and submit a restoration plan which includes the removal and replacement of storm water pipes, roadway and sidewalk, while maintaining utility services and access to all homes adjacent in the effected area.  All of this must be done within the city's 60 foot right of way. The city planners have also suggested that council consider replacing an aging water main and raise the road bed to be increase storm water resiliency against rising sea levels. Lastly, rebuild the roadways with accordance with the City's "Complete Streets" Resolution and Blue Zones Initiatives. 

There's no better time than now to reconstruct GSB with multi-modal transportation options and follow through with the resolutions City Council passed in 2014 and 2015 directing public safety enhancements for all road users. The plans provide 20,000 Naples residents and visitors with facilities to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Studies have concluded that "Sharrows" are dangerous and used when there are no other options. The addition of bike lanes will take the bicycles off the sidewalk and significantly improve the safety of runners, walkers, their pets and cyclists.

The addition of bike lanes and a wider sidewalk on this stretch of GSB will provide the necessary connectivity to the new Central Avenue bike lanes and sidewalks. This will give people the option to walk and bike to and from Baker Park and the Gordon River Greenway, Lowdermilk Park, Naples Beach Hotel, the Edgewater Beach Hotel and to 5th Ave and 3rd Street via Central Ave.

Let City Council know they must take this opportunity to improve GSB with safe multi-modal transportation options. Simply moving the curb 2.5 ft on the east and west within the public right of way will provide safety to all.

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Complete Streets Policy in Place for Collier County
Complete Streets Policy Resolution was approved by the Board of Collier County Commissioners! Complete Streets are roadways designed for the safety and convenience of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike, of all ages and abilities. It's exciting that Collier County has joined the 69 other municipalities and counties in Florida to take this important step! 


Gulf Shore Blvd Outfall Removal/Rebuild

The Naples City Council passed the Complete Street Policy Resolution in 2015 and Blue Zones Initiatives in 2014 to ensure that Naples included facilities to encourage safe, healthy lifestyles. The bike lanes and widened side walk currently in the rebuild plan from 8th Ave N. to 2nd Ave S are now in jeopardy. City residents let your voice be heard.  City Council Petition

NPC's Paradise Coast Trail Gaining Traction in the Community This premier 70+ mile trail for walking, running and biking will be a destination trail, a much safer option for commuter cyclists - a true game changer for Collier County! read more


Texting and Driving is Finally a Primary Offense in Florida! 
This is an important step in making the fines and penalties high enough to truly make drivers change behavior. Tell everyone you know that law enforcement can now ticket for seeing you text and drive. 
 Read more 

2019 Dangerous by Design Report Provides Devastating News
Between 2008 and 2017, drivers struck and killed 49,340 people who were walking on streets all across the United States. That’s more than 13 people per day, or one person every hour and 46 minutes. It’s the equivalent of a jumbo jet full of people crashing—with no survivors—every single month.  read more


BECOME A MEMBER of Naples Pathways Coalition and help us create a complete system of safe streets, sidewalks, and pathways throughout Collier County. There are several membership categories...

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Thank you for your helping us successfully make texting and driving a primary offense. We will continue pushing for stiffer penalties.

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Donate to Naples Pathways Coalition and help us create a complete system of safe streets, sidewalks, and pathways throughout Collier County.

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Please support these outstanding businesses that support NPC with their generosity and ongoing belief in our mission
to create safe, bikeable, walkable communities in Collier County.


  • Lipman
  • Blue Zones Project
  • TD Bank
  • Synovus
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill
  • Naples Cyclery
  • Fit & Fuel Bicycle Café
  • Food & Thought
  • CF Collier


  • The Bike Route
  • London Bay Homes
  • Naples Velo


  • Island Bike Shop
  • MacNiven Insurance
  • SAAD
  • Kelleher Firm
  • Cycle Shake


  • Big Momma’s
  • Trek Bicycle Store
  • Prestige Insurance Consultants
  • Western Bike
  • GCR
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